Government and Engineering Sector

Bus Shelters

Using Stainless Steel in particularly public infrastructure has been the practice of developed and developing nations from a long time due to its corrosion resistant nature. Modern look and sturdy construction weight are some of the other benefits attached with using STEELORA bus shelters. High strength to weight ratio is one of the key benefit that makes the entire installation process easy and convenient.


Stainless Steel being light in weight and high in strength, has been in great use for metros. Besides the aesthetic criteria, inherent material strength of STEELORA stainless steel also improves safety considerations. In the event of collision, its high energy absorption capability due to unique work-hardening properties contributes to safety. STEELORA designs are a unique system of standard modular components which ensures quality on site fabrication and welding.


Airports are public spaces with high traffic of people. Due to this high exposure, airport property is frequently prone to damage. STEELORA, with its stainless steel being aesthetic, structural strength and corrosion resistant proves to be a preferable option for different structure applications at the airport.

Stainless Toilets

The atmosphere of any town or city can be determined by the style of the buildings and the provisions and facilities. STEELORA Public Toilets series combines the highest level of the public amenity with a distinctive design style create to enhance most streetscape locations. The high quality brushed stailnless steel finish of the exterior and roof ensure the unit have an attractive architectural appearance in addition to the flexibility and resilience provided. STEELORA’s vision is to manufacture public toilet facilities that provide highest standard of hygiene and safety for users, meet the needs of the disabled and discourage loitering and vandalism.


For hospitals, hygiene is of utmost priority and therefore stainless steel is a preferred choice in this field. STEELORA’S hospital equipment, being non-porous resists bacteria and germs. Also, its ease of cleaning further adds to stainless steel being natural choice for hospital equipment. Detailed processing carried out by STEELORA makes its hospital product range perfect.

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